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The Artist Movie..

I watch the movie "The Artist." Wow! what an amazing movie..I love the fact that we are going back to basic..I had never though of seeing a silent film in our time where people enjoyed "Jack ass" Movie and we are surrounded by reality shows..and some are even not worth talking about it.. I love this Movie Becouse take us to 1920s, where there were amazing actors telling a great story..eventhough the movie is silent you dont need words to understand it..Amazing! I am so glad the director and producer of this movie believe in the art of making movie and going back to basic..where there were great movies, glamorous and a little mystery..I wonder if the director of this movie had a hard time to convince their investors for his silent film..I applaud his corague, his passion and mostly for being different and not trying to do another kin kong movie, for goodness sake how many king kong movie are there.. I have nothing against king kong but enough is enough lets create and open a new charter a new challenge..I aplaud him for walking outside the box and inspiring talent to not be afraid of being different..

City of Angels

City of the lonely souls

My first year in LA, I couldn't go to my country for Christmas, so I want to experienced My first Holiday alone, so I drove around Hollywood and the streets were empty of cars and only few people on the street were walking but they have long sad faces ..perhaps they miss their family I thought..I saw few homeless people..I saw this guy asking for money he looks old but when you get close to him he looks like he was a very handsome men tall blue eye..Wow! what went wrong I ask myself? I continue driving and I saw a woman very skinny looks very old not bse of age but bse of pain..and she have a toto and she was dancing like a bailarina but with not expression on her face and her eyes were like two hollow tunnels.. I continue my driving and I start thinking why do they call this city the city of angels? This is the analogy I came up with it..

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