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Crowning of Mrs. New York Ambassador - Luisa Diaz Brown

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. - Luisa Diaz Brown was crowned Mrs. New York Ambassador FoRe! Women Crowned in Glory/Safe Passage in a beautiful ceremony at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills, by the Founder Dame Trish Steele.

Luisa is dedicated to bringing awareness and education to her communities in New York regarding the growing epidemic of abuse of women and children worldwide. Through her motto, 'Kindness is Cool", she spreads love and joy in a way that enlightens those around her.

Lady Maria DiGiovanni, DGCSH and CEO of FoRe! International, the owner of Ambassador Pageants and The Ambassador Program, explained the significance of this network of ladies, "FoRe! Ambassadors are women who have proven their passionate commitment to a cause/platform that impacts and inspires others to live their best lives."

FoRe! 'Living Royal' is an Exclusive Members-Only Network that is 'A Force to Promote Action' elevating and empowering leadership universally. Ambassadors are appointed by invitation, by nomination, or by competition.

FoRe! Living Royal

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