Thoughts on the Recent Miss America Rule Changes by Luisa Diaz, former Ms. Venezuela

Is the Miss America Pageant confusing femininity with feminism? Here is my opinion on their controversial drop of the swimsuit and evening gown competitions:

"Recently, the Miss America Organization announced that it was eliminating both the swimsuit competition and the evening gown competition. Miss America has always been renowned for its scholarship program. The modern Miss America pageant has evolved from just a swimsuit competition to both a talent and a beauty contest.

Former winners have taken their scholarships and have gone on to have successful careers in business, politics and media. Personally, I think having a beautiful, shapely, and well-toned body is nothing to be ashamed of, nor should be viewed as a victimization of women. With that being said, I can still understand women , who go on to have successful careers, not wanting a history of swimsuit photos popping up in every HR search. However, when I heard that the evening gown competition was eliminated, I was shocked. A beauty pageant without evening gowns... Are you kidding me?"

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