Gossip magazines, commercials, and all forms of social media have been lying to you. For years, they have been trying to pass off a certain body type as the only true “standard of sexiness.” It isn’t true. As you will discover, the true essence of sexiness lies within you.

Take back your power from this social media–obsessed society, and prove how sexy you can truly be. Develop your own standards and boundaries that will help you navigate through this world riddled with harassment and abuse of power.

Luisa Diaz believes that in this day and age of transformation from a male-dominated society to a female-dominated society, women can be taken as seriously as their male counterparts in the corporate world. She became a television producer, talk-show host, and philanthropist while still embracing her femininity, and taking charge while wearing lipstick and high heels! She is now using her experience to give advice to others.

Diaz covers how to:

  • pursue your purpose

  • ask for what you want in life

  • respect yourself

  • stand up for yourself,

  • nurture your curiosity

  • stop taking yourself too seriously

  • put yourself in others’ shoes

  • be kind and compassionate to yourself

  • and more!

Whether you are looking for that special someone or just want to feel good in your own skin, Diaz’s tips will give you a new lease on life and show you the power you possess.