Coming Soon:

The Luisa Show is a one-hour studio talk show discussing glamor, fashion, fun, food, music, and the ten timeless sexy assets that lie within us. My audience will tune in daily to be entertained and energized. Every day, my show opens in high gear featuring me dancing with an audience member on stage to the latest, pumping beats from one of the nation’s hottest bands. My show continues with celebrity interviews, “Luisa’s Soap Parodies” featuring my guests, clips from spontaneous "Street Soap Operas," and my famous “Pillow Talk” where celebrities and the audience ask intimate questions whose answers my viewers are dying to know. My viewers will be waiting to tune in daily because I speak my guests' language and engage with them and the audience. In each episode, I share one of my “Luisa Rules” about being sexy and timeless, which is based on being confident about one's own self-worth. This will help my viewers put the spice back into their relationships, career, family, and much more. 

Besitos,  Luisa